H&M Fall Fashion 2017: Mix Up Look Sharp

This fall is all about mixing it up, looking sharp and celebrating difference. Whether its glam or tailoring, 80s or 90s, uber femme or tomboy chic, the H&M Fall collection gives everyone swagger, no matter who they are. Women everywhere can create a fashion statement by wearing what they love, and look beautiful as long as they are comfortable.



The Fall Fashion collection by H&M is designed especially to inspire you to create your personal fashion statement; tailoring meets glamour, a femme woman borrowing from the men’s wardrobe! The trendy, every day, casual chic and modern classic woman can mix and match the key pieces of the collection- long knitted sweaters, high wasted trousers, pencil skirts, silver pants, power glam dresses, shoulder pad lace blouses, blue down coats or the blazer dress, and feel feminine, relaxed, stylish and laid back!



The collection is a mix of 80s glamour dressing to 90s power dress! The fashion lover woman will pull it off with the wardrobe heroes mixed with the ‘IT” pieces of the season!

Don’t miss out on the season’s favorite fashion best details such as text print, fake fur jackets, shoulder pad tops, and more! The pieces in this collection come in bold colors such as black, royal blue, brown, shades of grey and red!



Make H&M your destination for the most stylish fashion this fall by discovering the latest fall trends with the Fall Fashion collection that will inspire you to break free and let loose!


This collection will be available in stores on 21st September, 2017.

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