25 Most Popular Jordanians

Get up close and personal with the most recognizable Jordanian faces jazzing up our society! We picked
these celebrities based on their popularity. Who would you take a selfie with?
(Names are arranged in alphabatecal order)


      1. Abdul Karim Al-Kabariti


      Former Prime Minister of Jordan, Abdul Karim Al-Kabariti is known for his advocacy of journalistic
      integrity and reform. He is currently the Chairman of Jordan Kuwait Bank and a successful economist.


      2. Ahmad Hanandeh


CEO of Zain Jo, Ahmad Hanandeh, believes that “success needs no explanation and failure needs
no alibi.” He has spearheaded the growth and development of entrepreneurial platform and cemented
a leading telecommunications operator in Jordan.


3. Ahmad Hasan Al Zou'bi

Ahmad Hasan Al Zou’bi is a Jordanian columnist, playwright, and satirist. His weekly columns,
due to their controversial and cynical outlooks on politics and social issues, helped elevate him
to prominence.


4. Aqel Biltaji

Former Mayor of Greater Amman Municipality, Aqel Biltaji, is known for his charm and charisma.
Renowned as a tourism adviser to King Abdullah II and as the chief of Aqaba's city council.


5. Basem Awadallah

Basem Awadallah is currently the CEO of Tomoh Advisory and serves as a member of the Board
of Directors of Al Baraka Banking Group in Bahrain. Previously, he was the Director of the Office of
His Majesty King Abdullah II and Chief of the Royal Hashemite Court of Jordan in 2007.


6. Daoud Hanania

A lifelong friend of the late King Hussein, Daoud Hanania is best known for performing the first
ever successful cardiovascular surgery in the Middle East. Hanania was the first recipient of the
Jordan State Recognition Prize for achievements in the fields of science and medicine. His Majesty,
King Abdullah II also recognized his contributions to the Royal Medical Services in Jordan.


7. Deema Farraj

Deema Farraj is a well-reputed TV presenter, a blogger and owner of the German Business Services.
She is also a political activist known for her moderate political views.


8. Deema Hajjawi

Living Well Award Winner, Deema Hajjawi is considered one of the most famous Arabian chefs
in the region. She teaches culinary arts via her cooking show and classes.


9. Diala Dabbas

Former TV presenter, Diala Dabbas is currently a radio talk show host. Growing personally and
professionally through her self-discovery journey in the media and communication world.


10. Diana Karazon

Superstar winner of 2003, Diana Karazon grew up in a musical Jordanian family and has now
became a star in her own right.


11. Lana Qusous

Lana Qusous is a beloved TV presenter, and ambassador for inter-parliamentary union. Her goal
is “to help countries suffering from natural disasters and wars”.


12. Mohammed Al Wakeel

Mohammed AL-Wakeel, became the star of Jordanian broadcasting due to the esteemed
Al Wakeel program. His program is committed to exposing truths and helping citizens with their
everyday grievances.


13. Musa Hijazeen

A prominent Jordanian actor, Musa Hijazeen is a talented singer and accomplished Oud player.
He was also a member of the Fuhais Folk Art Band.


14. Nabeel Sawalha

Actor, playwright, comedian and motivational speaker, Nabeel Sawalha was awarded
“The Medal of Independence 1st Class” from King Hussein for achievements in the arts.


15. Nasser Judeh

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Judeh is known as the longest serving Foreign Minister
in Jordanian history.  He has been awarded several decorations throughout his career and became
the honorary co-chair of the binational Fulbright commission in Jordan.


16. Naser Al Lozi

Naser Al-Lozi is Chairman & CEO of Arab Orient Insurance, member of the Jordan Engineers Association
and one of the Board of Directors at the King Hussein Foundation. Formerly he was the Chairman,
President & CEO of Alia-The Royal Jordanian Airlines Plc.


17. Ola Al Fares

Journalist, lawyer, and a prominent TV presenter, Ola Al-Fares, currently anchors the news for
MBC channels. She is also the first Arab woman to climb Burj Khalifa and the second most followed
Jordanian woman on Twitter, after Queen Rania.


18. Omar Abdallat

Omar Abdallat is a Jordanian singer and songwriter credited with popularizing Bedouin music
and performing traditional Jordanian patriotic songs. Distinguished in many Arab countries, he often
represents Jordan in multicultural events throughout the world.


19. Omar Zorba

Social media activist, actor and writer, Omar zorba is known for his hit TV show ‘Asfoureyyeh’,
and "Latt Wa Ajen” radio show.


20. Rahaf Sawalha

Living Well Award Winner for TV Presenter Of 2017, Rahaf Sawalha is a TV and Radio presenter
known for her spontaneous and comedic personality.


21. Saba Mubarak

Jordanian actress and producer, Saba Mubarak played various successful roles in Jordanian,
Egyptian and Syrian television shows. Receiving several awards as the best Jordanian and Arab actress.


22. Samir Rifai

Sameer Rifai is a Former Prime Minister of Jordan. He was awarded with honors such as the
Grand Cordon of the Order of Al-Kawkab Al Urduni and the Grand Cordon of the Order of Al-Istiqlal.


23. Yahya Saud

Member of the Jordanian parliament, Yahya Soud is known for his tempered behavior during
Parliament assemblies.

24. Zain Awad

Living Well Award Winner for Musical Talent of 2017, Zain Awad enjoys the music she makes
and has several hit records.


25. Zain Karazon

Social media phenomenon, Zain Karazon, has made media headlines in the last few years for
sharing her controversial views on Instagram and Snapchat, attracting thousands of followers.




































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