Prepare Your Kids For Cold & Flu Season At School


It’s official: winter is on its way. As wonderful as it is to pull out all of our jackets, scarves, and hats, this is also the time of year when more people suffer from illness than during any other time of year. While cold and flu season can affect anyone, our children are particularly exposed to added risks, as they spend their days playing and learning in one of the most germ-harboring environments: schools. The influenza virus thrives in the cold weather and, without proper hygienic habits, our students will likely be unprepared and ill-equipped to stay healthy during this season.

Taking these concerns to heart, Fine wants to help provide you and your child with the necessary knowledge and tools to spend more days learning in school and fewer days sniffling and sneezing at home.

The Contaminated Truth: School Hygiene Facts & Figures*

  • The average school-aged child gets up to 12 colds per school year, most during cold and flu season.
  • Children are two to three times more likely to get the flu than adults.
  • Germs that cause the flu and cold can survive for 72 hours on common classroom surfaces.
  • The average student’s hands were found to have an average of 1,500 bacteria per square inch.

While your child is making friends, playing, and learning, they are also sharing desks, toys, school supplies, food, and all common areas with dozens of other children who are all still learning correct hygienic habits. To minimize your child’s risk of falling ill, there are several day-to-day precautions you can both take.

Hygiene tips to remember during cold and flu season

  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when sneezing or coughing.
  • Wash your hands often and carry hand sanitizer in your bag or backpack.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth in order to lessen the spread of germs.
  • Use wet wipes to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.*
  • Strengthen your body and immune system with adequate sleep, healthy eating, and 40-60 minutes of exercise daily.*
  • When sick, stay home to stop the spread of germs and allow your bodies to heal faster.

Arm your young ones with hygienic tools and products that will help minimize their exposure to health risks at school during this cold and flu season. Of course, not all hygiene products are created equal. The same way you wouldn’t buy your child a notebook with half the pages missing, you shouldn’t give your child hygiene products that only provide mediocre protection.

School Hygiene Essentials for Cold and Flu Season

  • Tissues (to keep body fluids away from hands, shirts, and school supplies).
  • Hand Sanitizer (to kill the germs your child would otherwise transfer to themselves or others).
  • Wet Wipes (to wipe down their desk, chair, and shared supplies, where germs are commonly found).

Fine is as dedicated today as it was 60 years ago to helping families live happier, more hygienic lives, by creating products that make a difference.  Fine provides the most advanced hygiene products, including the only tissue featuring SteriPro™ technology, which uses an ultraviolet sterilization process to greatly reduce the possibility of germ exposure without ever being touched by a human hand. It is with great pride that Fine continues to share and provide hygienic products and information to caring parents around the region, in hopes that the parents will in turn educate their children on more effective ways of living a more hygienic life.



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