Confusing Photos That Will Make You Brain Hurt. Can You Solve Them?

How often do we stumble upon pictures that make us think: Hey, what’s going on? Brain dead? What is this? These three significant questions kill you from the inside. It's just not your day, is it? Some days your brain is down, and you are not able to comprehend what’s actually going on. That’s the reason why legends say, ’Never Miss Breakfasts’.

On the contrary, we believe that it’s not your brain who’s betraying you. It is the craziness of a situation that is taking you out to a world where you just cannot see the unseen. No matter how much brain power you put in, you fail to understand some situations.



Most of the times our brain shows us what we want to see instead of what's actually there. Proving our theory right, here are some ‘cannot see the unseen’ confusing pictures that’ll make your brain hurt and force you to put in second thoughts before coming to a precise conclusion. You're going to miss the relevant part of these pictures on your first look.

Though, all of us are human beings. We solve mysteries that no other living forms can explain. We advise you to take some time off your work schedule and just check out these images. These pictures will definitely make your brain hurt. However, can you come out at the top and solve them anyway?


#1. The Mysterious Hand

This was quick, wasn't it? Adult upper arm to a baby forearm.


#2. The Mysterious Cartoon

Here's a sculpture in New Zealand that looks like a cartoon. Worth a visit.


#3. The Mysterious Fish

Fishes don't have arms, man. They have fins. But… a Merman?


#4. The Mysterious Violin

These islands somehow, curiously, made a violin, weird, but it happened.


#5. The Mysterious Gorilla

When you're checking out girls in your vicinity but their shadows take away all the spotlight.


#6. The Mysterious Face

He's looking front. No, he's looking right. What is this?


#7. The Mysterious Bucket

Pour it all out.


#8. The Mysterious Climb

The expression on the face of the other girl says it all, doesn’t it?


#9. The Mysterious Boat

The mystery of the floating boat stays afloat. Can you bring it down?


#10. The Mysterious Sketch

These are some serious sketching skills. Spectacular, indeed.


#11. The Mysterious Table

Is this a face? A painting?


#12. The Mysterious Painting

Whoa. This was quite peculiar.


#13. The Mysterious Carpet

Is she on Harry Potter's magic carpet?


#14. The Ultimate Mystery

Can you see the unseen? Reminds me of ‘Upside Down’.


#15. The Mysterious Hand Returns

The mysterious hand returns to storm your brain once again.



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