Three Life-Saving Tips for Storing Your Food Like A Pro With Samsung’s Twin Cooling Plus Refrigerator


With holiday season fast approaching, you won’t want to miss out on top food storage tips from Top Chef Arabia contestants

When the holidays come around and your family starts getting together for home-cooked meals and seasonal celebrations, you’ll likely find yourself spending a lot more time buying, storing, and preparing food. It’s a cheerful and uplifting time of year – but making delicious meals for the whole family can be stressful, especially if you struggle to store all your ingredients and leftovers effectively.

Samsung Electronics Middle East and North Africa is proudly sponsoring the second season of Top Chef, the globally-recognized culinary competition television series that aired its first Middle East edition last year. This year’s contestants are sharing their tips to ensure that you are the perfect host.

Top Chef contestant Ammar Barakaty he advises, “If you’re serving juice, freeze some of the juice in ice trays – that way, when you’re offering drinks, you can put frozen juice in the glass rather than conventional ice cubes to avoid creating a layer of water at the top of the drink when the ice melts.”

In fact, Samsung’s Twin Cooling Plus refrigerator helps you tackle the task of hosting like a pro. Offering five possible conversion modes for the ultimate in flexible storage, you won’t need to worry about fitting everything into the fridge – and with two independent cooling systems, your fresh produce, frozen foods, and of course, all your leftovers will stay fresher and tastier for longer. Here are three tips to help you store all the food you’ll need this holiday season and truly get the most out of your Twin Cooling Plus refrigerator.

Fruits and Veggies

A little-known fact: fresh fruits and veggies will ripen at the same pace as others in the same vicinity. Want to keep your apples or potatoes from becoming soft and bruised? Store them away from your onions and bananas, which ripen much faster.

Top Chef Asil Sharif says: “Vegetables are very important for a healthy diet, and the Twin Cooling Plus refrigerator is designed to maximize space efficiently. This means you have enough space to store all of your garden of vegetables inside, while keeping them fresh and tasty. However, make sure to keep softer vegetables away from harder ones to prevent them from ripening too quickly.”

To keep them fresher for longer, Salma Saleh says that “the Twin Cooling Plus keeps fruit and vegetables fresh for much longer,” and suggests that if you are wanting to keep herbs and green vegetables fresh and crispy for prolonged periods of time, you should wrap them in a damp paper towel while you keep them in the fridge.

Meat and Poultry

Storing meats can sometimes be tricky, but Abdallah al Hahmi recommends storing your vegetables above your meats, to avoid blood leaking from the meat onto the produce. Serge Ghazarian also has a great tip, “Fruit and vegetables need high humidity to stay fresh, but meat needs low humidity; with the Twin Cooling Plus the humidity in the fridge is controlled separately from that of the freezer.”

This holiday season, you can look forward to hosting the entire family with the Samsung Twin Cooling Plus refrigerator. Enjoy the company of your loved ones around a table full of delicious food without worrying about what’s going on in the fridge.




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