After ascertaining His Eligibility In Ayla Red Sea Half Marathon RaceRun Jordan Rewards Jordanian Runner Hasan Tayem With A Consolation Prize


Amman, Jordan (December 2017) - Run Jordan awarded Jordanian Runner, Hasan Tayem with a second place consolation award for his participation in the 10KM race for the visually impaired at Ayla Red Sea Half Marathon that took place in Aqaba Friday December 8th, 2017.

Although Tayem finished the 10 KM race in a good timing that could’ve qualified him to secure second place, the race judges decided to eliminate him for breaking one of the race rules which states that all visually impaired runners must wear a Mask during their run. However, after consulting the race’s head referee, Coach Hatem Al Safaji from the Jordanian Athletics Federation, Run Jordan decided to reward Hasan with a consolation prize for the second place in his category due to their certainty of Hasan’s health condition, suffering complete blindness. It’s worth pointing out that winners of the visually impaired Male 10 KM are: Nabeel Magableh in first place timing (0:35:31), second place- Tareq Tayem (0:56:13), and Ahmad Abu Zaid in third place (0:58:34).

Lina El-Kurd, Run Jordan General Manager, commented on this incident saying: “Run Jordan works in accordance with the accredited international standards and guidelines for marathon races, and unfortunately, our Jordanian athlete Hasan Tayem broke one of the main rules for his category’s race, leading to his elimination. However and stemming from our certainty of his condition and eligibility for participating in the race, we decided to present him with a consolidation award, to encourage him to continue participating in all future events Run Jordan holds every year.”




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