The Strangest Hotels In The World

We all have visited numerous hotels. Some of them look really beautiful while some were not so hygienic whereas some were genuinely fascinating. However, there are a few hotels in the world that are very strange. People who have been to these hotels find them very unusual and sometimes creepy.

Have you ever had such experience or simply wish to know about some of these strange hotels? If so then you are in luck since in this post we are going to have a look at the most peculiar hotels in the world.



ICEHOTEL is a hotel that is reconstructed every year because the entire building keeps melting. Architects rebuild the rooms of the hotel every year in November. It is the world’s largest hotel to be made entirely from ice and snow. As a guest, you sleep in beds that are made of snow and ice. The temperature in the hotel is around minus 5 degrees Celsius. The Ice hotel is located in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden if you ever fancy living like an Eskimo for a few days.




  • Palacio de Sal

The Palacio de Sal hotel consists of 15 bedrooms, a living room, a dining room and a bar that are completely made from salt. The hotel is held together by the mixture of salt and water, and the salt blocks are heaved from the natural salt plains within the area. If you visit this hotel as a guest, then you would be very likely be asked not to lick the walls of the hotel. Hotel Palacio de Sal is located in Colchani, Bolivia.




  • Ryugyong Hotel

Located in Pyongyang, North Korea, Ryugyong Hotel was once planned to be the tallest hotel in the world but the project failed. Initially, it was aspired to have 105 stories and 3000 rooms, but the project was abandoned in 1992. In 2008, the construction of Ryugyong Hotel resumed, but instead of being the tallest hotel in the world, it is now considered as the worst designed building in the world. It might not be a spectacle to look at but a project that could have become the eighth wonder of the world deserves a visit.




  • Yunak Evleri

Yunak Evleri is a five-star hotel located in Cappadocia, Turkey. It is a stunning hotel and has a great history to it. The hotel is built out of ancient fifth and sixth-century caves that were recessed into the limestone cliffs.The hotel has a luxurious feel to it  and has got stunning landscapes all around it. If you are looking for a great but strange hotel in Turkey then the Yunak Evleri should be your destination. 




  • Prison Hotel

The Langholmen Hotel is a hotel in Stockholm, Sweden. It offers its guests to stay at their hotel and get a chance to be a prisoner for one day. The experience is quite real as it includes various things such as jailbreaks and gang riots. Guests also have the option to select from comfortable suites or tight quarters that have caged doors, barred windows and bunk beds for your “cellmate”. Other items such as a cap, striped pajamas, and law-enforcement guards are also included in the package. If you fancy living as a prisoner for a day without committing a crime, then this is the place to stay.









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