Dyatlov Pass Incident - The Strangest, True Story Ever Recorded?

Around 50 years ago, the northern part of the Urals were the primary hosts to one of the true and the strangest
stories ever recorded in the modern age. The mystery that went on to be known as the 'Dyatlov Pass Incident. It
was an incident where the nine skiers from the party of ten ski hikers perished in the northern Ural mountains
in Russia (then known as the Soviet Union) between 1 February and 2 February 1959. The incident was then
named as Dyatlov Pass Incident in honor of Igor Dyatlov, the group's leader.

Igor Dyatlov, the 23-year old mountaineer, led a party of 10 students from the Ural Polytechnic Institute through
the Ural Mountains in 1959, a year when mystery became a horror. As Igor and his crew were preparing to scale
towering Mount Otorten, Yury Yudin, a student fell ill and was forced to stay in a local village named Vizhai. The
illness turned out to be a stroke of luck for Yudin who was the only survivor of the party that aimed to climb the


The other nine hikers went missing in the middle of a high-difficulty hike in minus 30 degree Celsius.
As horrendous as it sounds, we cannot unsee the fact that these nine hikers were experienced mountaineers
and the terrain they crossed to reach the pass was just as much challenging to cross.


Search parties were dispatched to locate the group. However, their tent wasn't discovered until the end of the month.
The facts were presumed on the basis of the entries in hiker diaries found at the shelter which indicated that their
trek abruptly stopped on 2nd February.

The first five bodies including the body of Dyatlov himself were found three weeks later hundreds of meters
downhill from the campsite. It took around two more months to find other four corpses which were clothed in
articles belonging to the previous five dead bodies decomposing in a nearby ravine.


No one knows what happened back then. These were the critical points of the search party's findings:

  • Hiker's tent was cut open from the inside.
  • Footprints in the snow indicated that there were no other animals or people there and the group fled
    the tent in a hurry.
  • Three of the first five bodies indicated that they were trying to get back to the tent.
  • Two of the dead bodies of the downhill group had their hand burned next to the remains of a fire.
  • The dead bodies of the downhill group were half naked whereas some were barefoot.
  • The first five bodies indicated that they sustained traumatic physical injuries: One had fractured skull,
    one was missing her tongue, one had a broken nose and a deformed neck and two had broken ribs.
    and two had broken ribs.

The most mysterious of all three item of clothing were later found to be abnormally radioactive. Could have
been from the secret military weapons testing of the government? Nonetheless, the Soviet government vaguely
termed the demise of the party as the result of 'an unknown compelling force which the hikers were unable to overcome'.

Does all of this make Dyatlov Pass Incident - The Strangest, true story ever recorded?

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