Constance Moofushi & Constance Halaveli Resorts Shift To Bayan Cloud Human Resources Management System

December, 2017 - Following Sky Software corporate agreement with Constance Hotels and Resorts, Bayan Human Resources Management Cloud system was recently installed at two of the most luxurious Constance resorts in Maldives; Constance Moofushi & Constance Halaveli Resorts. In both projects, Bayan HRMS replaced the hotels legacy system and was installed at the Constance data centers.

Bayan HRMS helped providing the hotels with the professional workflow standard and paperless environment for all HR-related tasks and procedures. This includes employee profiles and official documents, attendance and vacation records and payroll calculations, while benefiting from the corporate Web accounting system interface, which was activated for ledger integration including payroll, vacations and tickets accruals figures.

Both resorts were highly impressed with the efficiency, accuracy and advanced features of the new system, including the advanced rules in Bayan Workflow Management to handle employee requests and approval cycles.

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