5 Steps To Wine Tasting Like A Pro


1. Observe
When it comes to white wines, clear or pale colors indicate a lighter style wine in the mouth while a more golden color suggests a full bodied wine.

With red wines, lighter shades usually indicate a more full-bodied wine. An oily coating that runs slowly down the glass usually indicates a full bodied wine that is often slightly higher in alcohol than lighter wines.

2. Swirl
Place the glass on the table with just an ounce of wine in it. Using a steady, consistent motion, move the glass in small circles, allowing the wine to swirl around the glass. By doing this, the aromatic components of the wine are exposed to air, making it much easier to smell. In wine terms it “opens up.”


3. Smell
Bring the wine to your nose immediately after swirling and take a long, slow inhalation. Let the wine make its aromatic impressions on you.


4. Taste
Now, take a small taste. Gurgle the wine softly on your tongue, allowing the wine to interact with the air and cover the entire mouth. Is it light or heavy? Dry or sweet? Tart or smooth? Let the wine speak to you.

5. Evaluate
Swallow the wine and keep your concentration on it. Do the flavors persist and stay on your tongue a long time, or do they dissipate quickly? Do you notice other elements in the wine that you didn’t at first? The persistence, or the length of the finish, is another good indicator of the wine’s quality.


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