The Jordan National Gallery Of Fine Arts / 'Remembrance" Exhibition By Kelvin Bown


(Amman-November 22, 2017 - January 18, 2018 - The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts will open a unique exhibition ‘Remembrance” featuring British artist Kelvin Bown on November 22, on view until January 18. “Remembrance” will feature nearly 40 works, including the launching of the Interior Dome Design, as well as stories from indigenous people holding great messages to humanity.

Kelvin Bown specializes in the digital restoration of historical images. The aim of his work is to recreate the atmosphere and essence of times past, while stimulating the imagination to recall and consider the roots of the culture we live in today. His photos present significant aspects of life in the region and reveal a peaceful coexistence between various faiths and ethnic groups.  

Remembrance exhibition was made possible through the generosity of Palestine International Institute PII.

This exhibition asks existential questions along with telling stories from the past provoking the relationship between human and nature.

“How would those who we see in these living memories view us today? What would they say about our need, to constantly new technological solutions to the problems we have created during the short last period of our history?

 “It might be said that, while man lived according to traditional teachings, 

he was not only at peace with Heaven, but also by virtue of that peace, he lived in harmony with Earth”

Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr

The exhibition presents a broad scope of views into the past, inviting reflection upon the roots and values of those who came before like dialogue, common humanity, and the concept of under the same sky we ask for rain.

Kelvin’s landmark work has completed after extensive and meticulous digital work to create an accurate reconstruction of the interior roof design of the Dome of the Rock, "Qubat al Sakra" in Jerusalem compiled from 9 original negatives taken roughly between 1898 and 1914 by the American Colony of Jerusalem. 

Kelvin Bown





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