Careem Sponsored Jordanian Jiu-Jitsu Champion Tareq Muwahed

In line with its commitment to support talented local youth,

(Amman, Jordan – November 12, 2017) -- Careem, the leading ride-hailing service in the Middle East and North Africa, recently completed a one-year sponsorship of Jordanian jiu-jitsu champion Tareq Muwahed. Over the past year, the company provided Tareq with the comprehensive support necessary for him to successfully train and compete at the highest level.

Careem’s partnership with Tareq Muwahed began after he reached out to the ride-hailing company in search of a sponsor to assist him on his journey toward becoming the next jiu-jitsu world champion. In order to support this young talent, Careem agreed to commit to a full year of sponsorship. Over the last year, the company provided him with funding necessary to enroll in a number of key regional and international tournaments, including the Ajman International Pro Jiu-Jitsu Championship, the 2017 London Winter International Open IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship, and the Amman Junior Jiu-Jitsu Championship.

Careem also furnished Tareq with top-of-the-line jiu-jitsu gear. Careem was also able to provide the local champion with safe, reliable transportation to and from the gym.

Commenting on the occasion, the Managing Director of Emerging Markets at Careem, Ibrahim Manna, said, “We are proud to sponsor our Jordanian jiu-jitsu champion Tareq Muwahed, whose talent and passion are an inspiration to young people across the Kingdom. We at Careem are always eager to support local youth as they find, develop, and cultivate their talents. We hope that more companies in Jordan will extend their support and sponsorship to young local athletes, as these individuals are proudly representing the country and its athletic scene across the globe.”

From his side, Tareq Muwahed thanked Careem for its support, emphasizing the positive impact that the company’s financial, logistical, and moral support had on his progress as an athlete. Tareq also thanked his many supporters, without whose support he would have never been able to balance his athletic career with his education.

Muwahed added, “Just as with any other sport, jiu-jitsu requires more than talent and commitment: competitors need all kinds of support in order to be able to excel. Of all my supporters and sponsors, I am especially proud of my partnership with Careem, which has provided me with all the resources necessary to train at a competitive, international level. I hope that other companies will follow in Careem’s footsteps by sponsoring other local athletes, in order to continue raising Jordan’s athletic profile and allowing the country’s talent to compete at the global level.”

This campaign is one of many efforts carried out by Careem under the theme ‘Be Careem,’ an initiative designed to support local communities across the Kingdom, in line with the country’s sustainable development goals.



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