The Ideal Eyeshadows For Different Eye Colors

When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, many women are guilty of hoarding. At the end of the day however, we only tend to use those two go-to colors. So, whether your eyes are sapphire blue, topaz brown, graphite grey, emerald green, or a beautiful hazel, we have come up with a guide to help ease your mind and your wallets.

  1. Blue

With eyes like yours, you do not need much to make your peepers stand out! An ideal eyeshadow color for you would be orange, but we know that you are looking for a more practical day-to-day tone; a great substitute would be choosing shades with orange undertones – like browns!

ELF Need It Nude Eyeshadow Palette



  1. Brown

Hey there brown-eyed beauty! As the color brown contains shades of orange and red, the best colors to suit you would be blues and greens. However, the great thing about having brown eyes is that it is a neutral color, so you can pretty much play around with just about anything!

Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 28



  1. Green

Red is your best friend, hunny! Feeling intimidated to play around with the shade? Can’t find a wide range of red shadows? Go for rusty tones, they will do!

Melt Cosmetics Rust Stack



  1. Hazel

Hazel eyes are majestic! You can bring out the browns by using golds and greens, and bring out the greens by using bronze or eggplant.

Tom Ford Eye Quad in Honeymoon




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