10 Fad Diets You Should NOT Follow

We all have tried those crazy diets hoping for a quick weight loss without working out. Sometimes it worked
and sometimes it didn’t but the weight lost is actually water weight. Those diets are harsh, unbalanced, unhealthy
and the weight loss is usually temporary. Here are some of fad diets you should NOT follow:

  1. The Five-Bite Diet
    Eating less to lose weight and instead of counting calories, you count the bites you eat.


  1. The Baby Food Diet
    Basically replacing a meal or two or snacks with baby food jars aiming to eat less calories.


  1. The Master Cleanse
    Considered to be a detoxifying diet as you eat only fruits and vegetable for three days. Not providing your body
    with the essential fats and proteins for a healthy balanced diet.


  1. The Cabbage Soup Diet
    “Short term weight loss diet” that doesn’t give your body a nourishing nutritious diet needed for
    a healthy lifestyle.


  1. The Military Diet
    Also called the 3 day diet, a fast method of losing weight in no time. A 3-day meal plan followed
    by a 4-day off, and the weekly cycle repeats itself.


  1. The HCG Diet
    An extreme diet claims to lose up to 2 pounds a day. Not FDA approved and proved to be dangerous.


  1. The Grapefruit Diet
    People were trying this diet since the 1930’s. Mistakenly thinking that grapefruit burns the fat, while it
    just makes you feel full so you eat less.


  1. The South Beach Diet
    A popular weight-loss diet, focusing on eating meals that are low in carbs (carbohydrates), high in fiber
    and protein promoting “unrealistic promise of easy weight loss.


  1. The Hollywood Diet
    A 48-hour diet to help people lose weight and detoxify their bodies. This diet doesn’t provide the
    significant amounts of protein nor fat.


  1. The Skinny Vegan Diet
    Promises weight loss by following a strict vegan diet with a possibility to end up with some
    nutritional deficiencies.



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