10 Most Stressful Jobs

Work stress is always related to negativity and considered a bad thing. However, without this brilliant and twisted ability to be pressured, humankind wouldn’t have thrived. Some jobs are demanding, challenging and more dangerous than others. If you cannot handle stress then these jobs are not for you: (Report by careercast.com ):

  1. Soldier
    Stress Score: 72.74


  1. Firefighter
    Stress Score:72.68


  1. Pilot
    Stress Score: 61.07


  1. Police Officer
    Stress Score: 51.97


  1. Event Coordinator
    Stress Score: 51.15


  1. Journalist
    Stress Score: 49.90


  1. Senior Corporate Executive
    Stress Score: 48.56


  1. Public Relations
    Stress Score: 49.44


  1. Taxi Driver
    Stress Score: 48.11


  1. Broadcaster
    Stress Score: 47.93

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