Tips For All The Brides To Be, Part (III): The Bridesmaids

Being the bestfriend/bridesmaid may be an honor, but it is no easy task as well. To help you get through pre-wedding troubles like a breeze, we have come up with great tips that should cover everything you need to know. Now get ready and buckle-up for the ride.

  • Your personal style is key to looking your best. Sure, drawing in inspiration from the web is great; just make sure to add your own twist to it.

  • Big voluminous hairstyles are never a bad idea! Invest in adding some extra locks or buying a great boosting spray like TIGI’s Catwalk Root Boost for that added oomph.

  • As bridesmaids, it is not necessary for everyone to wear the exact same colors. Various shades of a certain color would do just fine.

  • Keep it simple; after all, the true star is the bride. Do not over-do anything, simplicity speaks volumes. Browse ASOS’ bridesmaid dress collection for a simple and elegant look.

  • If you want to be of great help to your bride-to-be friend, stay organized. Make lists and plan everything down to a T

  • Share your ideas but be open to others’ opinions as well. Remember, there is no “I” in team.

  • As a friend, it is your duty to plan the perfect bridal shower. Incorporate the bride’s interests and likes with ideas from websites like Pinterest.

  • Be present – emotionally and physically. Planning a wedding can be very stressful for the bride-to-be; help her out as much as you can, she will need it.

  • When has being prepared for the worst ever not come handy? Be ready and we are sure you will help achieve a fail-safe celebration.

  • When the bride-to-be pours all her frustrations on you, do not take it personally. Instead, be there with solutions on-hand.

  • Here comes the best part – have fun and enjoy the party! Such special celebration deserves nothing but great memories.

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