Social Media Friend Or Foe?
In these fast-paced days, more and more people are tempted to use social media. Despite our differences, we
are a huge community that needs to have links established between each and every member - these channels
are easily created and combined through social media outlets. However, it remains doubtful whether having
access to someone's life within a few clicks of your mouse is such a positive thing after all. 
1. A good way of connecting people.
Many people live separated from loved ones for many different reasons such as pursuing a career or studying
abroad. However, the social networking sites - presented an easy and convenient way to keep in touch with
practically anyone, anywhere. When you are feeling lonely, you can click one button and the next second be with
your beloved, friends or family. Distance is no longer a problem.
2. Better educational environment 
A recent study states that Social Media improved the education world wide. It provided needed information and
new learning experiences and interactions
for students.
3. Make new connections and friends through different social media platforms
Social media is a great way to meet  like-minded new friends and groups who share same interests whether
it was music, sports or online support groups.
4. Helps build your business or find your dream job.
Budget-friendly marketing campaigns, reaching out to a customized audience and interacting with your clients
providing them with instant feed back, are all social media strategies that can help you  promote your content
and present attractive data. It can also assist you find many new job opportunities.
5. Gives people a voice.
Social media is an effective medium for people to reach out and do drastic changes politically and socially.
The Middle East's landscape change is a live  proof to the powers of social media.
1. Disconnects people & destroys social skills
With everything, there is the other side of the coin. Paradoxically, social media connects and at the same time
disconnects people. Many get so acquainted to chatting that they forget how to lead a normal conversation in
real life and are immersed in their cell phones even when they hang out with their friends. By doing this they
miss the cocktail of emotions that surrounds them.
2. Cyberbullying & Fake profiles
There are perverts that lurk behind fake profiles with pictures of hot ladies wanting to hurt people and
blackmailing them.
3. Bad effects of online groups brainwashing teenagers
There are other types of perverts that can turn the obsession into sheer madness. One of the most recent examples
of this is a game named “Blue Whale”. It usually targets children on the internet - once into this so-called game, the
participants receive 50 tasks that include self-torture, taking selfies from the top of a high building, watching horror
movies etc. The last in the list of tasks is - suicide. And yes, children do fall for such crazes.
4. Addictive distraction
Since social media consumes a large part of our daily life, it can cause distractions to students, drivers,
employees and most importantly parents.
5. Fraud and identity theft.
Social media has exposed people to many cyber-interactions that may lead to invading your privacy and result
to fraud and stealing personal information.
Social media is a double-edged sword. It should never be trusted blindly. Used in the proper way it can help you
reinforce the link between you and your loved ones when you simply cannot meet them in person. Used in the
incorrect way it may sever your relations and even bring you to madness. In the end, it is up to you to decide whether social media is your friend or foe?
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