Nabad Art Gallery, Basel Uraiqat "Lines Of Escape"


Under the patronage of HRH Princess Rahma bint El Hassan, Nabad opens a solo exhibition of works by Jordanian Architect and Artist Basel Uraiqat on Monday 25 September at 6:30 pm.

To help explain the thought behind his paintings, Basel Uraiqat presents a quote by French philosopher and psychiatrist, Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari: “Without a set of impossibilities, you won’t have the line of flight, the exit that is creation, the power of falsity that is truth. Your writing has to be liquid or gaseous simply because normal perception and opinion are solid, geometric … You have to open up words, break things open ….” (Deleuze and Guattari)

In “Lines of Escape,” Basel Uraiqat transforms the line into a force flowing through the space of the board to create streams, planes, and worlds of visual asylum. 

Basel Uraiqat is a Jordanian architect and artist. Born in Amman in 1982, Basel is on a continuous journey of exploration of form and medium. His painting process is a questioning of perceptions of people and spaces through the manipulation of color, light, and planes. Versatile yet thematic, Basel's work is expressive, cathartic, and aims to provoke mental imagery.

Basel studied architecture at the University of Jordan and attended art and design courses and internships in London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Istanbul, and Warsaw.  He held his first solo painting exhibition at the French Cultural Center in Amman in 2008. Since then, he has participated in Art Basel 2014, Art Copenhagen 2014, Design Days Dubai 2014, as well as in group exhibitions in Bahrain, Qatar and Jordan.  Alongside painting, he is the principal architect at Uraiqat Architects in Amman.


The exhibition continues at Nabad through the 25th of October 2017.
Open daily 10 am – 1:30 pm & 4 – 7 pm except Fridays



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