Amman Design Week, 6th till 14th Of October

Amman Design Week is back for its second edition, this 6th – 14th of October 2017, taking place in the heart of downtown Amman.

The 2017 design exhibition takes place at the Amman Electricity Hangar in Ras El Ain. Curated by Ahmad Humeid, CEO and founder of SYNTAX, the Hangar Exhibition features works by key regional and international designers from Lebanon, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Egypt, the USA, and Germany.

The exhibition showcases innovative works that demonstrate how design can be a vehicle for movement. Viewers are welcomed to realize the impact of design and collective thinking on our lives from a social, business, and intellectual perspective. With a focus on ideas of locality, the exhibition challenges our overall understanding of design and its ability to push the boundaries of material, scale, form and function.

Amman Design Week 2017 also features the return of a pop-up Crafts District, introduced last year as a social space for traditional and contemporary crafts. The Crafts District 2017 features a series of demonstration booths, pop-up shops, design installations, cultural activities and a curated food program ‘Mouneh’ – an interactive experience shedding light on the practice of preserving harvested and prepared foods.



Additionally, this year presents ‘The Craft of Making’ series, a learning experience curated by Shermine Sawalha, which gives audiences the chance to learn about various crafts which include natural dyeing, mosaics, Arabesque and Mother of Pearl, Nabatean ceramics, dagger making, basket and carpet weaving and Arabic calligraphy and signage.

The Crafts District is coupled with Amman Design Week’s Community Outreach program, which features a collaboration with social enterprise Disarming Design from Palestine. Taking place at the Gaza Refugee Camp and Darat al Funun in Amman, the program seeks to empower women in crafts communities across Jordan by engaging them in learning and exchange programs that lead to innovative and sustainable projects.



In light of its theme of ‘movement’, Amman Design Week 2017 is also going beyond the conventional format of a static exhibition by programming mobile experiences around the city. For a deeper and more active engagement with everyday applications of design in Jordan, this new curated program of experiences is organized by professionals from various fields like Arabic calligraphy, urban food exploration, design and crafts, community-based tourism and photography documentation.


In an effort to reach a wider audience of students and benefit a larger segment of society, Amman Design Week is transforming last year’s “MakerSpace” into a “Mobile MakerSpace”. Following the model of last year’s MakerSpace, held at the Jordan Museum, the “Mobile MakerSpace” acts as an interactive workspace where people gather in the spirit of making, sharing knowledge, techniques, resources, and skills.


The 2017 “Mobile MakerSpace” launched in September on its journey to travel to several governorates across the Kingdom, including Irbid, Zarqa, Mafraq, and Karak, providing learning opportunities to school students through interactive sessions on crafts making, recycling, sustainable materials, digital fabrication and robotics. Coupled with the tools and raw materials that support invention, it provided the ultimate workshop for future tech-enthusiasts, crafters, tinkerers, engineers, scientists and designers of all ages. The Mobile MakerSpace will settle in Amman for the duration of Amman Design Week from 6 - 14 October 2017.

This years also witnesses a Student Exhibition, the first of its kind, taking place at the Ras El Ain Gallery from 6 - 14 October, bringing together selected students from high-schools and universities across Jordan to work together with industry specialists and experts in a mentorship program that lasted six months.

Mentors guided students through the design development of their ideas, and assisted them in producing their work, which will be exhibited at Amman Design Week as the young designers’ debut participation. A reward will be given to one outstanding student participant.

Audiences will have the opportunity to join a series of workshops and talks on a variety of topics, ranging from the importance of sustainability and entrepreneurial projects to the intersection of technology and crafts.

With the evolution of technology, science, and crafts, designers contribute new solutions that define how communities and individuals can develop along with conscious design. With the intellectual, cultural, and commercial vitality in Jordan, both local and regional designers have an exceptional point of departure to set off a series of rhythms, a new pace of life, and new attitudes.

Side Bar:

Amman Design Week’s event highlights include:

  • The Hangar Exhibition: A large-scale exhibition, showcasing local and regional designers, curated by Ahmad Humeid
  • The Crafts District: A market-style pop-up exhibition showcasing craftworks and demonstrations by local communities and initiatives
  • Mobile MakerSpace: A traveling experience running workshops across the country with an emphasis on making, crafts, and digital fabrication
  •  Student Exhibition featuring projects by Jordanian high-school and university students developed in tandem with Amman Design Week’s mentors
  • Tours Program: A curated outbound tours program that immerses visitors in design experiences around the city and country
  • Talks and Workshops
  • Over 50 participating spaces across the city hosting exhibitions, workshops, and events
  • A music, culture, and food program of events and activations
  • City-wide events, collaborations, and activities


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