4 Inspiring Jordanian Instagrammers Who Keep it Real!

What do you do when first wake up in the morning? We have to admit it: these days we reach for our phones before we roll out of bed. And we probably check our Instagram feeds before anything else, that is right after pressing the snooze button of course.

Although Instagram can be a major source of inspiration in the wee morning hours, mindlessly scrolling through the perfectly filtered lives of others can bring us down, even before we start our day. Especially since most people only share their successes and happy moments.

That’s why we wrote this post to celebrate four Instagrammers in Jordan, who keep it real by sharing the highs and lows of their journeys. So the next time you get tired of scrolling through edited selfies and photo shoot style travel photos, check out the following Instagram accounts to get some fresh and inspiring content.


1) @dee.dal.art by Dina Fawakhiri



Dina left her job as Creative Director of one of Jordan’s most prominent advertising agencies to pursue a freelance career as an Illustrator, and she’s been documenting her journey and sharing her artwork on Instagram ever since. While we absolutely love Dina’s avant-garde illustrations, we love the posts that document her behind the scenes moments, mistakes and creative process even more.


2) @eatrightrun by Natasha Mufleh


Managing to train twice a day while raising a baby and taking care of her dogs, it’s hard to believe that Natasha is a REAL woman with no supernatural powers. Yet when it comes to the fitness tribe on Instagram, things can’t get any more real and refreshing than Natasha’s posts. For starters, she rocks a natural face and radiant smile. But we also love that Natasha shares her fitness struggles and journey towards loving her own body to inspire other women to be comfortable in their own skin.



3) @instaloofy by Lana Murad Bataineh



Lana has been living with ALS, a disease that destroys the neurons that control voluntary muscles, for 11 years now.  Although Lana’s “illness” has taken over her body, her mind and spirit remain more beautiful and vibrant than ever. Lana uses her Instagram account to promote her personal blog, where she shares deep thoughts and lessons learned from her everyday life. Her posts inspire us to appreciate the little things, nurture our friendships and create stronger family bonds.


4) @rayasways by Raya Maraqa



Raya is a “computer science geek” with an extreme fashion obsession. Visit her Instagram account and check out her blog to get the latest scoop on fashion shows and trends. What we really like about Raya’s is her quirky personality and unique style. You only have to watch this video of Raya to understand what we’re talking about. Raya, please show us more of your real and quirky self, and to borrow your hashtag #stayreal !



Which Jordanian Instagramers do you follow? What accounts do you enjoy the most?

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By Dina Bokai




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