Massimo Dutti “New Horizons” Campaign



 “The Men´s Collection”

The new Massimo Dutti Fall/Winter 2017 Men collection is a tribute to classic tailoring and the new urban dress codes where effortless style is the key to the new contemporary masculinity.

The collection is based on the perfect balance between comfortable fit and inherent elegance. On the one hand, Massimo Dutti confirms that tailoring, one of the brand’s emblematic sectors, does not solely exist in parallel with contemporary trends but evolves, always respecting the essence of classic values. An ode to quality, expressed in the generous materials and their exquisite feel, brought together in unique designs. Impeccable cuts in suits made with premium fabrics that give a subtle nod to a studied informality.

In addition, and faithful to the most natural effortless style, Massimo Dutti reinvents purely casual style and creates outdoor looks with a certain intellectual flair. The new Massimo Dutti casual translates into pieces that opt for comfort as a starting point and add their unique value to more relaxed looks. And center stage once more, accessories. Pieces which represent a high point in the fusion of craftsmanship and innovation. The result: an ode to good taste and comfort under the Tuscan sun.



“The Women´s Collection”

Massimo Dutti’s new Women Collection embodies the brand’s core values: quality, exclusivity and maximum rigor, particularly in the outline of silhouettes and combination of colors, always seeking maximum comfort.

The pieces of the collection pay tribute to the beauty of discretion and to absolute and unassuming elegance. They feature plain, natural silhouettes, timeless suits, impeccably cut capes and coats with invisible seams; cool wool and knitwear together, silk shirts and adorned dresses. Plain colors first; priority is given to tones directly inspired by nature, with some references to more intense nuances. The accessories also reveal the essence of the new season an exercise in luxury, creativity and craftsmanship which translates into spectacular pieces that will add a touch of magic to every look.

Proposals that bring together everything we will love next season under a philosophy that proclaims that the mix of art, nature, history and architecture leads to more harmonious progress, in fashion as well as in life. All in name of simplicity and purity. Clean, harmonious colors.


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