How NOT To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

Think you have got men all figured out? Well, think again! A face full of make-up and big hair are just a couple of things to take off your “how to get his attention list.”

You might be thinking that you’re doing all the right things and making all the right moves, but the truth is, these 10 surprising habits and behaviors are only driving the right guys away.  


1. The Clingy One

Give your man some space. Making sure that you both lead lives outside your relationship bubble which is healthy for the both of you!


2. The Serious One

Stop taking yourself too seriously. Men appreciate it when women are able to laugh at themselves – in the end, no one is perfect.


3. The Drama Queen

Not everything is an Oh-My-God moment. Calm down, take a deep breath, and move on.


4. The One With Excessive Make-Up

Using make-up to enhance your features and using make-up to change your features are two completely different things. Learn to use a light hand when applying make-up – you’re beautiful just the way you are.


5. The One With Over-The-Top Hair

Most women think that overly styling their hair is the way to go. However, a study conducted by Pantene showed that 78 percent of men prefer a more natural look – shiny, full, healthy, and product-free. 


6. The One With Expensive Taste

Women tend to spend so much money to get their hands on the latest fashion trends. Save your cash, ladies – most men do not really care where you got your bag from.


7. The Gossip

There is nothing worse than a gossip. Constantly talking about other people’s business to your man, only shows bad character.


8. The Overconfident One

Confidence is important, do not get me wrong. However, acting like you are the queen of all queens is a huge no-no.


9. The One With No Opinions

Don’t be scared to speak your mind. Men like to hear your thoughts and opinions; you don’t have to agree with people all the time. 


10. The Party Animal

Being outgoing is not the issue here – parties are fun, double standards aren’t. It is okay to enjoy a night out every once in a while, just do so cautiously and responsibly. 

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