Is Athleisure Term Loosing Its Flare?

Athleisure has been one of the biggest trends influencing the fashion industry as of late; and while running
errands and lounging around in your yoga pants and crop top is fun, it doesn’t quite cut it for a more
sophisticated event, such as a meeting or a late dinner. The term seems to be losing its flare, but fret not;
the athletic look we all know and love has only been elevated to a classier version worthy of the runways,
which comes as no surprise, as athluxury combines style, versatility, and of course, comfort.
While athluxury allows you to move around effortlessly for a light workout, the new trend may also be rocked
in the office, on a date, or even to run around in the city; all you need is a change of shoes or addition of a
jacket and athluxury can be worn to almost any occasion.

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