10 European Cities You Do Not Want To Miss Out On

As the sizzling summer heat slowly creeps up, planners and passports slowly
fill up. Hop on the Euro fun wave this summer with our pick of 10 summer holiday destinations for a hot 2017!

1-      Sardinia

Where: Italy
Why: If you are looking for white sand, clear waters, and outdoor adventures, then Sardinia is the spot for you!


2-      Sicily

Where: Italy
Why: Aside from stunning Sicily’s varied landscape, it is a great place to indulge in the glorious Mediterranean flavors.


3-      Majorca

Where: Spain
Why: If the breathtaking coast is not a good enough reason to visit the beautiful island of Majorca, then I don’t know what is!


4-      Crete

Where: Greece
Why: Crete’s rich historical background shaped its present charm. From spirited locals, unique culture, to the island’s artistic scenery, there’s no way you’d ever regret this getaway!


5-      Ibiza

Where: Spain
Why: Are you a sleep-eat-rave-repeat type of person? If so, Ibiza should be your go to destination. The sun kissed island has long been a clubbers paradise, and we don’t see it changing any time soon!


6-      Lanzarote

Where: Spain
Why: The intriguing island is filled with beaches, sights, and an abundance of hotels and restaurants that will make your trip well worth it!


7-      Corfu

Where: Greece
Why: From Corfu’s luxurious resorts to its woody mountains, the island caters to crowd seekers and escapers!


8-      Malta

Where: Malta
Why: Malta’s exquisite variety proves that size is never an issue. The small archipelago serves its visitors with historic and futuristic fun! 


9-      Gran Canaria

Where: Spain
Why: Aside from Gran Canaria’s sandy beaches, the island is a sea of mountains. From the green north to the desert south, it is a great place to set your adventurous side free.


10-   Rhodes

Where: Greece
Why: Whether you are in the search for great nightlife, clear waters, or a journey through time, Rhodes is ready and equipped to serve your needs.

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